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Secure your intellectual property in a simple way, by registering your documents on the BlockchaIP network.
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BlockchaIP is the service provided by GRUPO 10 Empresarial IP Software that allows Certificates of Existence to be created.
By generating the Certificate of Existence of a document, image, etc., proof that said file exits on a given day and at a given time is created anonymously and securely. Said proof is recorded in the 'decentralised and authorised public network' Alastria, based on Blockchain, to which most of the leading companies belong. The Certificate in pdf format (which you will receive by email or is available through an icon next to the file name) includes two links that allow you to verify, if needed, that everything was correctly registered and that the certified document, image, etc., is exactly the one you indicated.
How to certify a file:
  1. Click on 'Select file', and select (or drag) the file to be certified from your device.
  2. Press the 'Certify' button.
  3. The Certificate will automatically be generated, and after a few seconds of internal verification, you will receive it at your email address in pdf format.
Instant free trial
Available services:
  • Generation of a Certificate of Existence, in real time, by simply selecting the file (or several files at once, by means of Drag & Drop). In a few seconds, you will receive the Certificate.
  • ‘House Brand Web’ Service -> Possibility of integrating in your own website the creation of Certificates of Existence for you clients confidentially (only they will see them but you will be notified once they have seen them).
  • For programmers: API (set of definitions and protocols used to develop and integrate application software) to enable using BlockchaIP technology with your own software. Use for your clients is allowed at the current rates, but under no circumstance is direct competition with the BlockchaIP web allowed.
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Take a look at the ‘Use Cases’.


Instant free trial
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